Jeric Saber – 10/17

This is a commissioned saber that I did as part of a series of sabers from the 90’s video games Dark Forces II and Jedi Outcast. it is a static hilt for display only. See more photos and info about this saber in the gallery page.

Custom Jedi saber staff -8/17

​ ​ This is one of my personal sabers, I’ve had the hilt sitting around for literally years, picking away at completing it between clients builds. The body of the saber is all one piece, the electronics are mounted on a custom 3d printed sled’s got (2) older CF v4.2 boards I’ve had forever, […]

Kyle Katarn – Jedi Outcast stunt saber.

Just finished up this beauty tonight. Commissioned by a local cosplayer , Kyle Katarn’s saber from the Jedi Outcast video game … Mix of custom fabricated parts and modified MHS parts. Stunt only.

Digital readout !!

Installed a new digital readout to the lathe at the shop. This will make fabrication way faster and more accurate !!!

Saber Stands !!!

Now available, custom 3D printed Arm On Fire Logo saber stands. Horizontal or Vertical (1″ blade piece included) . I will be adding them to the “shop” section soon. Meanwhile, if you are interested they will be $15 for horizontal, and $20 for vertical ($5 shipping conus)  PM on FB or email me thru the […]

Electronics install of a Korbanth K4 

Did some custom weathering of a Korbanth K4 along with an install of a Nano Biscotti v3 and a Tri-Cree. I was going for the “Old Ben” episode 4 look of the saber… I am really pleased with how it came out. See the “Our Work” section for more pics!

Arm On Fire version of Darth Bane’s saber.

Darth Bane Saber

Haven’t made one of these in years…..Arm On Fire version of Bane saber. Defiantly one of my favorite hilts I’ve done ? Empty hilt , client will be installing electronics.